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Electrical Installation Condition Reports

At G.B.ESS our fully qualified electricians regularly carry out full EICR's on all types of property, including domestic, commercial and industrial.

We have also updated to the 18th Edition (applicable as of 01/01/19), so you can be sure that your property complies with the most up to date set of regulations.

So whether you are a landlord with a changing tenancy, owner of a commercial premises or just someone who wants to check their home electrics are safe, please don't hesitate to get in touch for a free quote.


At G.B.ESS we have experience carrying out installations in domestic, commercial and industrial environments, so whatever your needs be sure we can meet them.

As well as carrying out our work in line with current regulations, we also make sure that the quality of the installation is second to none.

We are also flexible when it comes to installation, making sure we listen to customers, and that it is exactly what they are looking for, whilst giving practical advise based on years of experience of what people want and need.

So whether you want a new socket installed, new consumer unit or need a full rewire don't hesitate to get in touch for a free quote.

Security Services

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CCTV Wired

With a wired system you get good picture with no chance of interference or dropping out due to signal or obstructions.

There are options to cover all installations properly with different amount of cameras and different amounts of footage storage available.

Most of our systems can be connected to the internet so they are remotely accessible via a smart phone or tablet.​

Please get in touch with your information and requirements for a free quote!

CCTV Wireless

A wireless system is easy and convenient to use and install. With many models they come with their own screen so need to have a separate monitor with lots of leads.​

As is the case with the wired systems they can be connected to the internet and again accessible by a smart phone or tablet. ​

There are many options when it come to camera selection aswell. Some of these are:

Motion sensor triggering recording

HD quality film

Optional motion triggered flood light

Night vision

Two was speaker

As with all our security systems we can cater them to suit your home and needs. ​

Please get in touch with your information and requirements for a free quote!

Alarm Systems

At G.B.ESS we offer alarm system designs to cater to your individual and unique property and needs!

With the system we fit you can have up to 60 devices paired to the system. For the alarm we offer lots of different devices that cover lots of risks and areas.

All products connect to the main panel wirelessly, so installation is a no fuss operation that can be carried out neatly with minimal disruption in the home. ​

Your system can be comprised of any from the list below, aswell as other devices for specific needs if necessary.​

Please get in touch with your information and requirements for a free quote!

Alarm Panel

The only part of the system with wires. One to power and one to telephone socket (so it can contact you if it is triggered).

This is the part all other devices connect to.


These are the motion sensors you connect to the system to pick up anyone inside your home. These offer a pet friendly option.

Door Contact

These are a magnetic contact switch, of slimline design, that would go on your front door and give you your time to get in.


This is the switch for the alarm system. This saves the need for rushing in to the panel to put in a code. Makes using the system user friendly and convenient.

Smoke Alarm

This is a 'toast tolerant' smoke alarm designed to eliminate false alarms. It also if connected to the system can alert you if there is a fire whilst out.

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We are based in the Heathfield and Eastbourne areas, but cover the entire South East.

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